What the Best Dac have you heard or owned. How could you tell it was that good.

I wondered what’s the best sounding dac you have heard or owned. What did it do that the others didn’t. 


A local dealer had the bottom Lampi DAC in an all Boulder system and it was amazing! They got in the top of the line Lampi and by the time I got there (48 hours), it was already sold! Although they have another on order.😀

I recently included a Chord TT2 into my system (replacing my Qutest). It's linked to an M-Scaler and the sound is great. Best sounding DAC I've ever owned.

Cary 306 Pro. Had to sell mine for financial reasons.. Been chasing its performance ever since. Currently have a Mytek Liberty with upgraded power supply.. Still looking for the performance of the Cary. It seriously puts you in the front row, so to speak..