What time do you wear?

What watch, if any, graces your wrist? Does time matter? You know: time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Either way.
Hi String,
Yes, they have watches that cost more than a Bentley, but they also have watches that are far more reasonable, and they are also quite reliable, and beautiful. They are the world's second oldest brand, with Vacheron Constantin being first.
I'm so used to wearing Omegas I forgot to say.

I bought and sold watches on ebay so I was able to keep a lot of very nice watches.

A few years ago I got the nicest Omega I had ever seen, it was one of the Aquaterra Tonneau solid 18k that normally has an alligator band at $8500, this one had a solid 18k band and listed at about $16,000, weighed 4.5 ounces, a truly gorgeous and elegant watch. Got it on ebay for $3500 which is what the one with the black strap should have gone for, it had never been worn or sized. I wore it for a couple of years for dress, figured I'd sell it if I could get $8k and it sold for $9500. I still wish I had that, but I needed the money at the time. When you are buying and selling things for a living you can't get attached to something you can make that much on.