What time do you wear?

What watch, if any, graces your wrist? Does time matter? You know: time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Either way.
I'm so used to wearing Omegas I forgot to say.

I bought and sold watches on ebay so I was able to keep a lot of very nice watches.

A few years ago I got the nicest Omega I had ever seen, it was one of the Aquaterra Tonneau solid 18k that normally has an alligator band at $8500, this one had a solid 18k band and listed at about $16,000, weighed 4.5 ounces, a truly gorgeous and elegant watch. Got it on ebay for $3500 which is what the one with the black strap should have gone for, it had never been worn or sized. I wore it for a couple of years for dress, figured I'd sell it if I could get $8k and it sold for $9500. I still wish I had that, but I needed the money at the time. When you are buying and selling things for a living you can't get attached to something you can make that much on.
I had picked up a domestic Japanese only limited edition Mr G on ebay, they were not available in the US at all, even the instruction book was in Japanese only. I liked to use it as my barbecue watch as it had multiple timer functions.

So my wife and I were in a watch store and the sales clerk behind the counter asks in a super excited voice, "is that one of the real Mr G's, oh my god I've never seen a real one". My wife's eyes sort of rolled and she told me it must be a guy thing, which is what she says about audio, cars, tools, etc.