What time do you wear?

What watch, if any, graces your wrist? Does time matter? You know: time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Either way.
Just an update. I traded my Omega Seamaster for a new, less expensive watch.

I was frustrated by the very expensive Omega factory quote I received (mentioned in earlier threads). So it went to a well respected shop here in Dallas who restored it to new performance.

Unfortunately after two tries they could not duplicate the original finish on the Titanium.

Even worse, I was the only one who noticed the defect, a series of micro "flat" grind spots where the original was an unbroken, flawless blended abrasion that gave the Titanium it's elegant look.

Frustrated, I traded the Seamaster for a (German made) Damasko which keeps excellent time. It's rugged, attractive and very comfortable on the wrist.

Image here: Damasko DC56

If I ever decide to go crazy on a watch again I would buy a Rolex Explorer. They cost too much given my income in this current economy so I'll likely die with the Damasko.
Nice looking piece Albert. The Damasko has some similar looks to some of the IWC line.

I agree prices have went crazy. I like the look of the ExpII with the orange; I owned the previous Exp II and liked it.
I wear an MIH (Musée International d'Horlogerie) as a daily wearer. It's an annual calendar with only 9 moving parts. Do a google search, very simple watch but extremely rare and unusual.