What time do you wear?

What watch, if any, graces your wrist? Does time matter? You know: time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Either way.
An iPhone! I wear it like a pocket watch. I have not had a time piece on my wrist for years. Wrist Watches are just BLING!
"An iPhone! I wear it like a pocket watch. I have not had a time piece on my wrist for years. Wrist Watches are just BLING!"

Do you remember a time before digital time pieces? It was great. When asked the time it was always rounded. 5:08 was ten after five. 2:03 was two O'clock. People glanced at their watches and rounded the time and for some reason the world was a better place.

Bling? Not for everyone. There was and is plenty of watch wearers who wear them and depend on them to keep track of time.
Nice collection Tboooe. I also have a Port. Chrono., but mine is with the blue strap, hands and indices. I am envious you have a 5001!
Donjr, I fully agree with you. Someone will see that I have a watch on and ask me the time. Once in a while, depending who it is, I will say like "it's a quarter of". They will then ask " a quarter of what?" I say, (as I look back at my watch) "well.... the hour hand broke off my watch, a week ago and I had not gotten around to fixing it yet, but it's a quarter of something". Some get the joke, some just give me a strange look.
The ability to keep accurate time changed the world. Look up John Harris Marine Chronometer. Watches represent more than just telling time to me, and quartz watches are not a real watch, to me. A Frank Muller was brought to be serviced. It had a very large, Manly looking 18K case. The back said something like "The Jewelers Watchmaker" or whatever. Upon opening it, I found a little tiny quartz movement made for a small Ladies watch. HA If the guy wearing it only knew. They are making more high-end mechanical watches with complications than ever before. Someone likes them!!
Thank you Isochronism and Brianmgrarcom, I really do love my IWC watches. The blue Portuguese is very nice. I was very close to getting that one. I would love to get an F.A. Jones to complete my collection. Man between watches, cars, and audio I have way too many ridiculously expensive hobbies!