What to buy ???


I have just sold my old cd/sacd player ( Emm Labs CDSA SE ), and I am thus in the market for a new player.

I have narowed the options in to:
Emm Labs XDS1
DCS Puccini + U-clock.
Accuphase DP800 DC801 ( Used device ).
ARC Ref cd 9 ( Comming uot in February 13 )

I loved the old player, but the drive problems....... argh..... it was with the new drive, but still not very stable.
So I might leen towards the XDS1 right now.... but the DCS combo is also very tempting.
I need a player that is fast and tight in the bass region, because my room has som bass-issues that are amplified if the system is slow and boomy in the bass. The old Emm, handled this quite fine, but I have tried an Audio Aero Lafontain, and it simply does not work in my room, with the current speakers ( SF Stradivari ).
Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the above.
NB: Im Danish, hence the poor English !
I would say that the XDS1's bass is significantly tighter than prior EMM Labs efforts, at least compared with my CDSD SE/DCC2SE units that I used previously. It also gets a good deal more of the low level detail, IMO. The use of the Esoteric transport mechanism in the XDS1 is a big plus, and a major reason I got the unit. I will note that the output level of the XDS1 seems lower than the DCC2's output--I have to turn up the volume to get the same levels I used to get. Don't know how it compares with the one-box CDSA.

My recollection of the Accuphase combo, going back a while, is that it was wonderful to listen to but perhaps a little on the warm side, so not sure how that will work with your room's bass issues. I haven't heard the latest DCS, so can't comment on it or the ARC unit. I would say that if you like the EMM Labs house sound, the XDS1 is an excellent choice.
I had the EMM Labs TSD1/DAC2 combo and it was magical, I'd suggest you listen to the new DAC2X and consider that over the XSD1.