What To Do?

I started using a new tech earlier this year.  Nice man, seemed very knowledgeable about the vintage amp i took to him for repair.  After I got the piece back from him, another issue occurred, and I took the same amp back to him in early June for repair.  Since early July he has not taken any of my calls or responded to texts/e-mails asking for updates. I've been as firm as i can without being threatening and have offered to come retrieve the item unrepaired. But again, crickets for 4 months.

I spoke with the person who referred him to me, and he said that he's physically fine but just has a lot going on.

I live a little more than an hour away, so tracking him down in person is not a viable option. At this point, what should I do?  I'm thinking that filing a police report is my only option.  Would the police deal with something like this?



"I spoke with the person who referred him to me, and he said that he's physically fine but just has a lot going on."

If this person can tell you that he is fine and just has a lot going on, then it seems to me that he should be able to speak to him on your behalf.






Barts, funny you should say that.....the referrer e-mailed the tech yesterday for me.  No response yet, but I'm hopeful.

If this does go to small claims court, should I cite "Audiophiles vs. Noah Schumacher" as the precedent? 

I had a similar experience with Tascam equipment. But I was able to get it back unrepaired, it is now a boat anchor.

It seems qualified repairman are a scarcity.


Nowdays, when replacement supplies are on less of an availability, repairman should be qualified engineer in order to find proper solutions for repair. That is very frequent case when you have to match parameters, reorganize circuit board for equivalent circuit elements of different shape and size. Fisher 500 repair took GUTS out of me till I figured out how to replace single chassis capacitor bank with the equivalent circuit and fit it in!!! I did that as a hobby, but now it would only be waste of my time unless I retire to work on that full time which is unlikely to happen. 

Also many of those are not alive and their children if any I'm sure were going to the school that only has an illusion of an education.