What To Do?

I started using a new tech earlier this year.  Nice man, seemed very knowledgeable about the vintage amp i took to him for repair.  After I got the piece back from him, another issue occurred, and I took the same amp back to him in early June for repair.  Since early July he has not taken any of my calls or responded to texts/e-mails asking for updates. I've been as firm as i can without being threatening and have offered to come retrieve the item unrepaired. But again, crickets for 4 months.

I spoke with the person who referred him to me, and he said that he's physically fine but just has a lot going on.

I live a little more than an hour away, so tracking him down in person is not a viable option. At this point, what should I do?  I'm thinking that filing a police report is my only option.  Would the police deal with something like this?



OP have a friend ( if you have a friend that is big and fit even better) call and make an appointment to meet this guy under the pretense he has an amplifier that needs repair. Drive out with this friend and jump out of the car and get you property, if he refuses you have a witness and call the police as it is theft. You asked for your property and he has refused. Also maybe a good idea to go strapped?

Alls well that ends well. The referrer got in touch with the tech, who then called me. Equipment pickup this weekend (and it's repaired, I'm assured). He's a good guy, was very apologetic. Just too much going on in his life. 

i appreciate all the suggestions, even the absurd ones. A little comic relief goes a long way.  

Til the next topic.....

Ahh, glad to hear it!

All's well that ends well and all that kind of business.