What to do when the preamp you were ripped off on shows up online ?

Hi folks ,I bought a McIntosh C-2200 with factory box & remote ,I paid using PayPal instant payment but seller refuses to ship & refuses to refund the $3,500 I paid him ,I hesitate to say what site the stolen preamp is listed at but I've notified Agon staff of the eBay auction # as well as PayPal dispute case number ,I hate to see another audiophile get beaten out of $3,250 ,any suggestions on what to do next ? The C-2200 preamp was going to be my eldest sons Christmas present as he has coveted & drooled over the C-2200 in my all McIntosh 5 channel system ,any help would be great .
Why not just give him yours? You can get another for yourself or even an upgrade. That is if you can do without for a while?

eBay's "sides with the buyer 100% of the time" cuts both ways, and personally, I find it a crock.  Let me relate to you MY personal experience:

Several months ago I sold a vintage Akai R2R deck on eBay.  As I always do post-ship, I contacted the buyer a couple days after receipt to determine their satisfaction with a follow-up courtesy note.  No response.  Another follow-up note.  No response.  17 days elapsed before I was notified that the buyer wanted a refund.  Said the unit wouldn't record (it certainly did when I had it) and said they didn't like the sound.  I complained to eBay that this sounded like someone who bought a tape deck expecting it to sound like a CD, didn't know what they were buying, and was suffering from buyer's remorse.  Ebay at first said "sorry, have them ship it back - on YOUR dime - and refund them their money."  Shipping was about $55 if memory serves.  Then I contacted the buyer two more times asking for assistance with the shipping process:  box dimensions and weight.  Still no contact.  I contacted eBay again and implored them to look at all the facts:  I'm a 14-year member with over 400 transactions, 100% feedback, and they were a new member with less than 10 transactions.  They ignored ALL communication.  I made it clear that if this WASN'T a scam of sorts then the buyer would certainly want to participate in and help facilitate the return.  Further, I made it clear to eBay that they should certainly have that expectation - that a buyer seeking a refund should be an active participant in the process.  Eventually, eBay agreed with me after pleading my case (which is literally what I did on the phone).  They reversed their decision to my favor, but told me the buyer could still appeal their reversal.  I never heard another word about it, so I'm convinced there was something nefarious up with the buyer.

I don't agree with their "buyer is always right" policy because, IMO, it promotes the abuse of honest sellers by unscrupulous buyers.  It's ridiculous to me that their default position is "buyer gets their money back regardless of the facts".
Sold thru market places under discussion some expensive Wilson speakers that were pristine and shipped freight in their original crates. We took pictures of them before shipping. Shipping was done through a vendor who ships artwork around the world.

The buyer complained there were huge scratches in the speakers and wanted $ back and keep the speakers. Buyers remorse. Turned out he pulled the "after the fact discount" on many sellers and was eventually dropped. Just another scam people use.
If it’s ebay there’s no problem at all as long as you paid using pay pal.i got hit twice during the last 2 years 1700$and1500$ and PayPal handled it well and I got all my funds back.