What to do with a large collection

I have thousands of CDs and records and am looking to get rid of most of them. i can’t possibly listen to them in my remaining years and my wife doesn’t need them. CDs, it turns out, are not very viable these days, and if you want to sell them to a dealer you can only get store credit!! And, if as in my case, the collection is 90% classical, it seems they will be impossible to unload. Since CDs are antiques these days, I can’t imagine ANYONE who would want them. The only alternative I can see is the garbage. When you consider just how much of an investment they were it’s indeed a sobering realization.
Records are indeed “in,” but how desirable are classical LP’s?

Any suggestions?


If it's too much time and trouble to sell individually, give them to someone who will list them for you, let him pay you a commission. 

I would consider a bulk purchase from you. Especially the LPs, but also the CDs, however you want to do it. I have bought two classical collections locally for personal use not resale. Mm121666@yahoo.com Thanks, Mark

@OP. This post is intended as a positive comment not a criticism. The real value of a music collection collection is in the listening pleasure derived it. Entertainment software of all kinds is a rapidly depreciating commodity in terms of resale value and always has been. That said, there is still plenty of demand for CD's at what economists call the market clearing price.

I gave away hundreds of Cds years ago..... now I'm buying them back.... who knew?