what to do with a stereo that needs repair

Hey All, long time lurker. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with an Ayon Spirit II that needs to be repaired. The left channel no longer works. I brought it into a local tech who is not sanctioned by Ayon and he wont touch it. I called the official repair shop and the tech there was awesome, but he has a backlog and wont be available to sort out the issue for 5-6 months. I decided to buy another amp and move on from Ayon. Any suggestions on what to do with this 80lb door stop? I dont want to stick another person with the problem but at the same time if the person has the patience they might be rewarded with a nice sounding amp. What do you think would be fair? Should I just pitch it and be done?


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Invariably you should recover your costs in having the amplifier repaired should you decide to sell upon return , you will achieve a much better price for a working amplifier and it will be easier to find a buyer.

Ask around on AudioKarma or diyaudio. I found a guy who specializes in Sansui to fully restore my AU-717.


Words of wisdom from @stager . Obviously, a voice of experience.

Will be interesting to see if any of the recommended remedies work for you.

You have another amp, so waiting 6 months to get a proper diagnosis and cost estimate is but a speck in time.

Meanwhile, check and see what they are selling for


You might get lucky if the tube protection board has tripped. Surely it would have a reset

"The Spirit II is not a simple update, it is a new redesign featuring new circuit boards, tube protection board, add features like Pre Out or Direct Input for pure power amp operation and new pre-driver tube devices."

I agree with suggestion to swap tubes l/r, see if any change.