what to do with a stereo that needs repair

Hey All, long time lurker. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with an Ayon Spirit II that needs to be repaired. The left channel no longer works. I brought it into a local tech who is not sanctioned by Ayon and he wont touch it. I called the official repair shop and the tech there was awesome, but he has a backlog and wont be available to sort out the issue for 5-6 months. I decided to buy another amp and move on from Ayon. Any suggestions on what to do with this 80lb door stop? I dont want to stick another person with the problem but at the same time if the person has the patience they might be rewarded with a nice sounding amp. What do you think would be fair? Should I just pitch it and be done?


kidding.... just call Carousel Music in Dothan Alabama and make arrangements to mail it to them... They are reasonable and it shouldn't take long. When you talk to them, don't worry they have probably smoked something but I wasn't kidding about the genius part. Ask about the mailing as I have always taken mine up there.

Did you try:  https://www.usatubeaudio.com/warranty/  in AZ.  I do not have experience with them.  They are a Ayon dealer.  They advertise  a 30 to 90 day turn around unless special parts are required.  Minimum charge $145 per hour. Repair bulled at $145 per hour plus parts.  

theservicedepartmentct.com is an authorized Ayon service center as they advertise. They recapped my Krells.   Excellent quality. 8 months waiting list.   3 weeks turnaround.  

Also try theanaloguestore.com/service-dept/ in NC or benchtech@highendaudiorepair.com in NY   

As other members have stated … nice amp, get it repaired if not too costly, and keep or sell it.  



Sounds like your tech is not the most confident.  If it's out of warranty why would you need an authorized tech anyway? 

I will ask the same question others have - where are you located?  If near Chicago I have a great guy who can fix it up for you.  And again, as others have said, if you don't want to mess with it I'm happy to take it off of your hands and give it a go! 

Where are you? Pro-Tech Services here in Washington, D.C. does great work, They know how to ship these beasts & can advise you.

I've been nothing but pleased all three times I've visited (twice with the same amp - but I dropped it. They didn't even laugh at me).


(240) 450-0308



If it's a unit you really like it's worth repairing. I personally look at equipment that is broken, worn out or out dated as an excuse to upgrade. If your not to attached to your old amp, consider selling. It's not really a big loss if you got enjoyment from it. Allow someone else to fix/upgrade. It might be what they want to start on. Either way best of luck.