What to do with old Thiel CS-2s

I have a pair of vintage Thiel CS-2. Original version in oak. The veneer is pretty beat up, but even worse it turned out the dealer who worked on them after I had two blown tweeters (amp literally exploded) used 3M double stick to keep the grilles on. Speakers sounded off after we moved and I finally decided to pry off the grilles. Turns out *all* of the drivers are damaged. Probably by the movers, but the move was several years ago, so no way to prove it. So I have beat up CS-2 boxes with no good drivers and no grilles. Any thoughts on something interesting to do with these? Buy some drivers from parts express or madisound and just put them in? Ideas? Or are these worth something to someone?

If you are interested in keeping them, Contact Thiel as they offer a complete restoration service for older Thiels in need of TLC. They can bring them back to their full glory!
New drivers from Thiel will cost u a small fortune. I would instead just fix the surrounds then just purchase some good wood finishing at HD. There good to use for an excellent 2nd system...good luck.
I'm suspecting shipping back and forth to Thiel would preclude an economical solution. Not to mention the mark-ups that they would add to any repair parts - after all they are a for-profit business.
I would try to see if they would sell you the drivers directly or share the driver part #'s and then you could procure them yourself probably at a substantial discount IF they are still available. I'm not hopeful on either of those.
If you are successful with the drivers, then you could have the cabinets re-veneered by a local carpenter - MAYBE. I had a tough time finding someone wanting to do that kind of work. I ended up living with the crappy veneer on my speakers.
Thiel sent out the CS 2's with the double sided tape on the grills from the factory. These speakers are underappreciated. Though they have are an exceptionally easy amplifier load, the sonic signature requires one tochoose amplification carefully. They have been reputed to be the most durable Thiels ever produced. With that said, they can be found frequently at extremely attractive prices, so the cost for the amount of refurbishing you seem to be implying they need seems imprudent. You might want to considering perusing e-bay or Craigslist for parts or salvage units.
Thanks all. I didn't mention that I did get a quote from Thiel for restoration of the drivers... I was able to buy modern, excellent speakers for less. Their price was ridiculous. And no, they wouldn't sell me the drivers. I do wood working and could restore the cabinets, but not worth it if I can't fix the drivers. I could look for salvage but I also wondered about getting parts from parts express - equal sized drivers - and just installing them. Crossover could be an issue, but maybe there is a kit that might work. Cabinets are heavy and durable. The 2s sounded great but were ridiculously sensitive to different amplifiers. I always wondered why, and the best I could tell it was because the 2s varying in their impedance a lot over the frequency range. They actually sounded best with a b&k st2140. Amps such as a Bryston 3b, a krell ks50s, etc never sounded as good with the thiels. My sense is that most modern speakers are less sensitive in this way... Might be worth calling madisound....