What to expect if I import an amp and preamp from a Japan seller via US eBay

I can’t afford the cost of the amp and preamp I’d like to buy.  I’ve discovered I can pay just less than half what I’d pay at a dealer in the US.  But I haven’ t done this before.  I’m aware that I won’t have a guarantee and that I’ll need a step down transformer.    I willing to take the risk of no guarantee.  But I don’t know what to expect when my box hits CUSTOMS.  What can I expect?  What are my responsibilities?  How much is it likely to cost me?, I’ll be paying $7000 for the amp and the preamp..


I have purchased a Accuphase intergrated from Japan off of ebay. My experience was supurb! The unit was sent via Fedx and they handled all the customs for me. Once the amp arrived at customs, I called a fedx agent and everything was handle by them at minimum cost, since japan is a favorite nation. The seller from ebay kept me informed all the way to delivery.The amp was shipped in 4 boxes and arrived in perfect condition.  My unit arrived with proper voltage so no transformer was needed. Accuphase is built like few others .The craftmenship was some of the best I have ever seen, so warranty was a non issue for me. I hope yout purchase was as good as mine.

@echolane -- I can understand where you are coming from, and if it is an Accuphase Amp, I find it freaking ridiculous that a person can buy a brand new, in the box, unopened Accuphase E4000 Integrated Amp in Japan for $6,190...but buy it here in the U.S. and it’s $14,000! F**k that. I don’t begrudge a U.S. business owner making a living, but if you are going to deal in a product that has that big of an upcharge, good luck.


I hope everything goes smoothly in your transaction. Please keep us updated. Best wishes.



Well expect it won’t sound right with our power! Transformers also won’t work with it well since it is designed to work with a hair dryer or coffee machine not an audio grade part! 
You will never have a warranty or support if something breaks.

You can’t send it in for a repair they will not send it back!

I hope the Audiogon Cheap community realizes grey market products have no protection or warranty and you risk your product being seized if you send it in for factory repair with no recourse of getting it back from the distributor or factory.

Also no parts will be given to 3rd party repair shops. Especially with the proprietary parts and tweaks these japanese brands make in house.