What to expect if I import an amp and preamp from a Japan seller via US eBay

I can’t afford the cost of the amp and preamp I’d like to buy.  I’ve discovered I can pay just less than half what I’d pay at a dealer in the US.  But I haven’ t done this before.  I’m aware that I won’t have a guarantee and that I’ll need a step down transformer.    I willing to take the risk of no guarantee.  But I don’t know what to expect when my box hits CUSTOMS.  What can I expect?  What are my responsibilities?  How much is it likely to cost me?, I’ll be paying $7000 for the amp and the preamp..


@OP. Differences in prices across territories are driven by: freight and insurance, duties - which apply to the ex-works price plus the freight and insurance, distributor margins plus distributor costs which include all the costs related to representing the brand - including advertising, dealer support and training, exhibiting at shows, and warranties/servicing work, dealer margins and sales taxes - though the latter may be lower than in Japan.

@echolane I purchased an amp from a seller in the Caribbean. it went through the customs process

When I received it, I plugged it in and sparks flew all over the place. Opened the unit, customs had Drilled holes in all 4-20,000mf caps and the power supply . Maybe you will have better luck with it coming from Japan...

For the keen eyes out there. I’m aware of the 4-20... it also happens to be my birthday....lol


Be sure it is a 120 VAC and not 100V, as is common in Japan.

You won't get a warranty through the USA distributor, most likely. If anything goes wrong, you will be spending hundreds to send it back to Japan.

My last order took around 3 weeks and no unexpected charges.  All was well, but that depends on the seller.