What to get after Mark Levinson 360DAC?

I’ve own my Mark Levinson 360DAC since the late 90’s. Recent it stopped working.  I like to hear from previous ML 360 owner what they are presently using? Maybe give a little comparison between their present DAC and the ML360. Thank you.

Interesting. That's the DAC I first heard back in the 90's when it was walloped by a fraction of the price Linn. So I would get one of those.
I updated from a ML 360S to a Berkley Alpha DAC. The 360S was slightly more strident than the Berkley. I found that 44/16 on the Levinson and 96/24 on Berkley to offer comparable sound. With 44/16 music I preferred the Levinson to the Berkley. I tried to upgrade the Levinson to support 96/24 but was not successful. We also audition the DCS offerings but my family prefered the sound of Berkley.
Thank you Welcher for your input. Do you remember which model(s) DCS was auditioned?
It would have been the top of the line DCS stack that the dealer had on display. It was the summer of 2009 and I don't remember the exact models. We did the demo at Music Lovers in San Francisco.