What to replace CAL ALPHA dac

Hello everyone,
I have been out of the loop from digital for quite a bit. I'm wondering what sonic improvement would the current/recent crop of dacs would have over my tubed Cal Alpha dac. I know that most new dacs interface with computers and while it would be nice as a supplement, my main concern is for CD redbook replay.
I bought this tubed Cal Alpha ages ago used for $400. My budget now would be more or less $750 new or used.
I would appreciate any suggestion with sonic comparison.
Thanks in advance
Newbee, I found the Proceed PDT/PDP very sensitive to the digital cable. This combination was very neutral, but some body could be added with the right cable. I used the Proceed separates with ESP Concert Grand speakers, Quicksilver Silver monos and Quicksilver Full Function preamp. With most recordings the sound was excellent. However, my next CD player was selected to have more warmth.
Oddiofyl, I have said the same thing about many items I have owned in the past, but I always wonder if I would like it as much now as I did then.
Listening to my vintage 1995 (non-24 bit, Sovteks, updated footers, etc) Alpha RIGHT NOW. Will run it for another 18 years if it doesn't die first. Nothing in its price range then or now comes close. BTW, using a Pioneer bluray player as a transport with a piece of crap Monster Cable SPDIF plastic digital cable. Nirvana for less than the cost of some amp stands out there.