What to replace DQ-10s with?

I have owned the Dahlquist DQ-10s with DQ-1W subwoofer for 30 years and I just love them. However, I am tempted to tempted to try another speaker system in search of better sound. Money is an object and I've researched as possible replacements the Vandersteen 2Cs, Yamaha NS1000s, or a FMI mini-J system.

I would keep the DQ-1W subs with any of these other systems to augment the base.

Would like opinions from people familiar with these specific speaker systems on whether they would be an upgrade to the DQs.
Agree with Tom re: Vandy's vs. DQ-10's, but not the Vandy 2's, which do not compete with the DQ-20i's. The DQ-10's ARE dated and not particularly coherent, but not so the 20i's which feature Scanspeak tweeter and midrange drivers with First order, attempted phase correct crossovers.
The 3a's are VERY similar sounding to the DQ-20's and Alons, but I find them a bit dull in the mids by comparison.
The 5a's are awesome, but not in your price range presumably.
Opalchip's recommendation of Alon V's is good. I went from DQ 10's to Alon II's, the Alons are a dipole design, right in line with the Dahlquist. By the way, I still have my DQ10s stored away, never letting them go.
Hey Jjh92! I submitted this EXACT same question years ago! (And I still have my 10's w/upgraded x-over in storage).

Ended up with Acoustat III's to get perfect mid-bass / bass-mids. Now selling them so, ... there you go!
You did a review on the DQ-10s 10-19-07. There were several responders that shared how much they liked the DQ-10 and I am not alone for regretting selling them. Now you have some more posts from DQ-10 owners and X owners who still admire the DQ-10S. I use to own a pair of Fulton Js. But the DQ-10 is what still impresses me the most of all the speakers I have owned except for what I currently have, Essence 10As. I hope you do not sell the DQ-10s. If you do you will probably regret it someday just like me and several others.It would be neat if we could talk. We could cover more specifics that way. Anyway be careful, It will take a very good speaker to replace the DQ-10 if you are looking for significant improvement.
This thread is a perfect example of why certain speakers are so musical (Dahlquist, Alon, Vandy)

Other speakers to make this list would be used Avalon Ascents, Eclipses, Proac 3's or 3.5's.

I have Dahlquist DQ-30i's with custom modded, external x-overs, they're staying here
till I'm gone.