What to try?

Currently have Yamaha As1200 integrated with KLH Model 5.  Looking to get a more refined sound with a tube integrated.  220 square foot room,  8 foot ceilings.  I  am getting a somewhat foreword presentation now but good solid clear sound with punch.  Thinking about a Pathos Classic One MkIII or Willsenton R8 or Line Magnetic KT88.  The Pathos is a hybrid but have heard good things.  Play mostly vinyl with Fluance RT 85 and Ortofon Blue. Listen to mostly rock and alt country and some classical.   Just thinking of dipping my toes into tubes to get a different sound.  Any suggestions?


I just moved to a Rogue Cronus Magnum iii. I absolutely love it. It has been great with my Kef 104/2 and now with my Focal Aria 948. It has a 60 watt and 100 watt  mode accessible with just the flick of a switch. It has 4ohm and 8ohm taps changed internally  pretty easily. Tube biasing is a breeze too. The mc and mm switch is also internal so if you switch carts often it would be a pain. Right now The Music Room has a slightly used one for sale in black.. I ordered an aftermarket tube cage and it looks great and stops anyone from trying to touch the tubes!!

I am going to demo the Rogie next week. I want to make sure there is a tube sound to that amp and that it is different in a good way to my ears than my AS1200. Is that ARC amp that @rfnoise showed available is the volume and such only adjustable through a remote. I can not tell. And as @rfnoise  said it is happy hunting. These are not important matters in the grand scheme of things but it is just a plain fun thing to do. 

Great suggestions @soix et al.  Would love to experience Unison Research ... and TMR is highly rated.

Try Bacch4mac theoretica.us. 

Game changer. I'm done with upgrades amounting to subtlety and nuance 


re VSi60 controls:

”Push buttons: Volume up, volume down. (103 steps, 20 LED indicators), Input, Mono, Mute, Power. All functions on IR remote control”

The owners manual is available at the ARCDB link I included in my previous post, if that helps.