What tube amp to drive Guarneri's?

My current amp is a Rowland Model 8 with choke. It drives the SF Guarneri's very well and sounds great. However, I would like to add a tube amp that would compliment the speakers, what suggestions?
Actually, that vintage of Rowland sounds very similar to a good tube amp. I ran the Model 6's for a few years, which share the same basic circuit as the Model 8, and on both Revel Salons and Vienna Acoustics Mahlers, they sounded uncannily like my VAC Renaissance 140/140 Class-A biased triode tube amps run with zero feedback. What was surprising is how well the Rowlands layer space, which is usually the domain of good tube equipment.
I used to own the Guarneri and drove them at the time with the Welborne Apollo II single ended amps. They produced 18-20 watts. The combination was pretty awesome. I would think a good single ended 845 amp would work. Something like a Komura 845 or Sophia Electric 845, or even De Havilland 845.
Have heard them in a showroom with Air Tight ATM-2 amps and it sounded extremely nice.
Tmiddle, do you remember what other equipment was being used with the ATM-2's?
Also, what kind of music were you listening to?

Chris, I am a little surprised that you fed your G's with only 18-20 watts, since my Rowland at 250 watts is working to drive them, although I suspect not too hard. My room is very small, is yours?
I remembered the KR enterprises amp model: It's a KR-"Kronzilla" using of course a 1610 tube (not 1611).

It's a SE with ~25W/ channel. They also have monos (~40W/channel SE) which the Guarneri owner ultimately ended up with.

Since you asked -- albeit in a different context -- the room here was big (~600 / 60m2)