What Turntable to buy under $600 ?

I am just beginning the search for a quality used TT priced under $600. I have been looking at Sota-saphires, VPI, Dual. My experience in this area is poor; I have B&K ST-202 amp w/Pro 10MC pre-amp and Alon II speakers. I listen to jazz, blues, and some rock. I am looking for a TT that can provide quality sound that doesn't require finicky set-ups.
I'm afraid all turntables require finicky setups, or else you're wasting your money on the cartridge. A well aligned and balanced cartridge will sound way better than one that is simply bolted to the arm.

What varies is that some turntables you setup one (finicky) then listen to again and again with little or no adjustment, where others require more frequent resetting.

My rega planar 3 will go years without adjustments, and I use a moving magnet cartridge with a replaceable stylus, so I don't have to reset the cartridge when the stylus wears out.

So, having got that out of the way I'd recommend a rega p3 with a rega or goldring 1000 series cartridge. The goldrings allow you to move up the range by fitting a more expensive stylus if you ever feel the need and the goldring 1042 (top level) holds its own against anything else I've heard in its price range. I've also heard that Denon Dl110 high output MCs work well in the Rega.

The P3 you'll get used on Agon for around $400. I would then take it to a reputable dealer and have the turntable setup and a cartridge fitted. You should then be good to go. You can do the setup yourself with a protractor, but take time as it makes a world of difference. I'd recommend the mirrored protractor from turntablebasics.com.

If you get a used Rega check the oil level in the bearing and clean and refill if necessary (with hypoid gear oil 80w) as many older regas can run dry.
second P3 for ease of setup although the arm is pedestrian when stock.....

a new technics 1200 by kab is a good alternative at 625 and may outlast you.......
I offer the third vote for a used Rega P3. But I disagree strongly that the RB 300 is a "pedestrian" arm. In fact, considering its price range, it is just the opposite.
Someone is selling an alignment disk here at audiogon for about $10 that looks like all you need for set up. Its listed in analog under 'table' and is called 'once'. Think I will be ordering one myself. Shipping is included which is good because its coming from Australia.
Fiddling with the setup is part of vinyl, but usually once its set you can forget at least for a while.