What Turntable to buy under $600 ?

I am just beginning the search for a quality used TT priced under $600. I have been looking at Sota-saphires, VPI, Dual. My experience in this area is poor; I have B&K ST-202 amp w/Pro 10MC pre-amp and Alon II speakers. I listen to jazz, blues, and some rock. I am looking for a TT that can provide quality sound that doesn't require finicky set-ups.
A P3 is hard to beat at this price point. For an absolutely no-worries experience, consider using a Rega cartridge. Rega cartridges and tonearms feature a three point mounting system so you don't have to worry about alignment. Granted, there are better sounding cartridges than the Regas for the same money, but the Rega cartridges aren't bad, and if you hate to fiddle, they're the way to go.
Based on the majority, the Rega P3 is a top choice. What about the Sota's or VPI models under $600? If I get these set-up at a dealer do they require frequent adjustments?
stock rb300 is pedestrian....rb300 with silver wire and a quality heavyweight (michell, others) moves it into another category....AND defeating the spring loaded VTF and using dynamic balancing helps, too!

You're right, the rb300 is somewhat pedestrian out of the box, but it's a good value and I thought we were trying to keep to a price point. At $600 for the rig there are tradeoffs that had to be made...and walking instead of riding might be one of them.
DvdGreco. While I agree the P3 is an easy table to set up and offers a no-worries experience, it is at best a 'beginners' table not really as capable as many people claim.

The Rega arms are fair (better than the Rega turntables) but again, vastly over rated and even when rewired and modified, marginal performers at best.

If you can get a nice VPI HW in your price range you should. An HW 19 is IMHO a table that can produce the goods.