What Type Belt Are You Using

So which type of belt are you using on you TT? I am just curious as to what others use on their rigs? I am using a 1/2" Mylar belt on my Redpoint Model D... I make them myself from a roll of Mylar Streamers which is about to be gone, so I am sorta looking around for a replacement for the stuff I am using???

I still have the original square-section rubber belt in use on my Ariston RD11S! An occasional wipe with ArmorAll has kept it looking and performing as new! I've had it since the Carter administration!
44" x 1/2" 2mil Kapton, spliceless on my Galibier.  If you're looking for an alternative, the Origin Live (1168mm) belt is well worth trying as well, despite the fact that it appears to be rubber.  It has a much lower modulus of elasticity than a typical rubber belt, and I find it to quite good sounding.
I use good old VCR tape on my teres.  Trick is to splice it at an angle and only tape one side 
@palasr ,
I wanted to try one of the Kapton belts but, at $85 each I think not. I can make a Mylar belt for less than 8 cents....