What unknown musical artist would you like to share with your fellow audiophiles?

When it comes to music, about half of my friends are "collectors" and the other half are true audiophiles. It seems the collectors are so obsessed with the size of their collections, that they leave no room in their budget for quality audio equipment. I think the audiophiles, with their focus on quality over quantity, are the ones with their priorities straight. So, unless you are on an unlimited budget, I'm guessing that audiophiles are more selective in their musical purchases. That being the case, I'm curious about what "buried treasures" have you been able to find? Thanks for responding and I look forward to discovering some good music, based on your suggestions.

I'll lead off with the band Crack The Sky, most notably their first two albums: "Crack The Sky" (1975) and "Animal Notes" (1976). I would describe them as a cross between Be Bop Deluxe and Frank Zappa. Their music is unique and totally unmistakable with anyone else. Choice cuts from the debut album are: "Ice;" She's a Dancer;" "Mind Baby" & "Sleep." Choice cuts from Animal Notes are: "Animal Skins;" "Wet Teenager;" Virgin....No" & "Maybe I Can Fool Everybody."
I've worked with 2 current Telecaster geniuses, Julian Lage and Jim Campilongo, neither of whom are well known really except to anybody who has heard them play. Lage turned to Telecasters after years with hollow bodied jazz boxes and acoustic guitars being his thing, and now with his trio and the most recent Nels Cline "Currents, Constellations" album (mind blowing) he's soaring out there. His two trio albums are pure magic. Just saw his trio at Berklee and he's simply amazing for both his beautiful technique and songwriting, and really among the best. I've been a fan of Campilongo since the "Little Willys" Nora Jones thing and saw his trio the first time at the now defunct Living Room in NYC. Did a show with him later in CT and man...there's a mind blowing Tele player right there, with an astonishing command of the thing...above the nut harmonic bends galore. Brilliant.

Although we have an international music scene, there are still many artists that don't seem to cross the pond. There are many US artists here that are new to me, so here are a couple of UK artists that might be new to you.

John Martyn, a great Singer Songwriter, Folk Rock artist, who died too young, another victim of drink and drugs.

 "Solid Air" is one of my all time favourites, or "The Apprentice", or anything

Kate Rusby, a great Yorkshire folk singer,

 Again you could buy anything, but "10",  "Sleepless", "Underneath the Stars", are all wonderful.

Thanks for all the suggestions


Since you like Danny Gatton, you might want to check out either Duke Levine or Monte Montgomery. With Monte, you'll want to stick with his live releases: a) Caravan of Dreams  b) Work Play or c) New & Approved.

Thanks @mitchagain. I know of Duke from his work with Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, and Bill Morrissey, and I have his own Lava album on CD. Great player! As is Jim Campilongo, who is pretty well known in the Bay Area, where I grew up. Jim has worked with another Telecaster player (pretty much all my favorite guitarists play them) I like a lot, Al Anderson, formerly of NRBQ.

I myself have worked with quite a few Tele players, including Gattons’ old friend and bandmate, wildman Evan Johns. When I recorded with him (on his Moontan album), he plugged straight into a Fender blackface Super Reverb, cranked up to 10. Damn was that thing loud! His normal rig was a Deluxe Reverb, but he didn’t have it with him in Atlanta for the albums’ recording. Evan finally died of liver failure (my God did that man drink) just last year.