What unknown musical artist would you like to share with your fellow audiophiles?

When it comes to music, about half of my friends are "collectors" and the other half are true audiophiles. It seems the collectors are so obsessed with the size of their collections, that they leave no room in their budget for quality audio equipment. I think the audiophiles, with their focus on quality over quantity, are the ones with their priorities straight. So, unless you are on an unlimited budget, I'm guessing that audiophiles are more selective in their musical purchases. That being the case, I'm curious about what "buried treasures" have you been able to find? Thanks for responding and I look forward to discovering some good music, based on your suggestions.

I'll lead off with the band Crack The Sky, most notably their first two albums: "Crack The Sky" (1975) and "Animal Notes" (1976). I would describe them as a cross between Be Bop Deluxe and Frank Zappa. Their music is unique and totally unmistakable with anyone else. Choice cuts from the debut album are: "Ice;" She's a Dancer;" "Mind Baby" & "Sleep." Choice cuts from Animal Notes are: "Animal Skins;" "Wet Teenager;" Virgin....No" & "Maybe I Can Fool Everybody."
Listen to Qui!  Post-punk art jazz nosie in the best of grooves.  Having recorded albums with David Yow (Scratch Acid & Jesus Lizard) and Trevor Dunn (bass man for the Bangles) and the Melvins producing and playing too they have some of the best vinyl out there.  There stuff will put any stereo to the test and drag the best out of them.  Recent cover of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band's 'You Treat Me Like An Ashtry Heart' got great reviews from the Beefheart web master and all 'beefies' who have heard it.  You can find them live in and around California most of the time and in Europe the rest of the time.  Try SNUH or Qui with Trevor Dunn and see what she can do!!!
@fmpnd Monty Python humor. We all have our burdens to carry. ;-)

I think it would nice on threads like this if folks checked out other folks' recommendations and reported back on how they liked them. 

There have been a wide variety of recommendations here and not everyone is going to like them all but it is fun to hear when someone hears a new act for the first time that they fall in love with.
Yourself and your family and friends.

Records and playback systems have only been around for 100 years or so.  Before that, we made music ourselves.  Nothing is as musically satisfying as sitting around with family and friends making music and singing songs.