What unknown musical artist would you like to share with your fellow audiophiles?

When it comes to music, about half of my friends are "collectors" and the other half are true audiophiles. It seems the collectors are so obsessed with the size of their collections, that they leave no room in their budget for quality audio equipment. I think the audiophiles, with their focus on quality over quantity, are the ones with their priorities straight. So, unless you are on an unlimited budget, I'm guessing that audiophiles are more selective in their musical purchases. That being the case, I'm curious about what "buried treasures" have you been able to find? Thanks for responding and I look forward to discovering some good music, based on your suggestions.

I'll lead off with the band Crack The Sky, most notably their first two albums: "Crack The Sky" (1975) and "Animal Notes" (1976). I would describe them as a cross between Be Bop Deluxe and Frank Zappa. Their music is unique and totally unmistakable with anyone else. Choice cuts from the debut album are: "Ice;" She's a Dancer;" "Mind Baby" & "Sleep." Choice cuts from Animal Notes are: "Animal Skins;" "Wet Teenager;" Virgin....No" & "Maybe I Can Fool Everybody."
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Thorbjorn Risager - Quality Blues/R&B from across the pond.  Don't be put off by his name, the man gets DOWN!;)
Anat Cohen - The Israeli-born clarinetist is truly one of the greatest of all time!  Have you ever regretted not seeing Jimi Hendrix or John Coltrane and now it's too late?  Seeing her in concert should be on every music-lover's list of things to do in 2019!
While not completely obscure, there’s no question that Robyn Hitchcock never "made it", certainly not to the extent his buddies Johnny Marr and Peter Buck did. It seems completely undeserved that he never attained equal levels of success despite having just as much talent and songwriting skills. Shows just how lucky you need to be in the music biz...being at the right place at the right time. Well into his 60s now I saw him tour solo acoustic about a year ago at a tiny venue with perhaps 60 people in attendance as he hustled for a buck and kept his overhead low. He still has much joy when he plays and tells his wonderful stories.  There is no good reason that he isn't a household name...sigh.