What use to burn in power cords?

Is there a small electronic device or a burn in device that I can leave on 24/7 to burn in my 15A IEC power cords?

What do you use?


Just put it in your system new and see if it sounds different in 6 months. 

When you plug your expensive power cord into your refrigerator, does it improve the sound of the cord or the refrigerator?

I highly recommend getting an adapter and using a high end foot massager. The Shiatsa mode is by far the most effective. It "exercises" the PC through the critical low frequencies.

But, what about the highs?

Got a solution there, too:

Find a smoke detector that runs off of AC line voltage. Plug it in, then remove the backup battery. It will emit a high frquency tone, we commonly refer to as a "beep" non-stop until you determine that you’ve had about all the burn in time you can handle. Look for an upcoming review in the audiophile publications.

But, seriously, I have never tried "burn in" devices and have no idea if they make any difference.  Based on my past history of trying things that "pegged the needle on my BS meter" I wouldn't be surprised if they make an audible difference.


Put a new power cord in your power amp and leave it on for 3 days. Then the PC is 99.9% burned-in and the sound won't get better after that. Alex/WTA