What use to burn in power cords?

Is there a small electronic device or a burn in device that I can leave on 24/7 to burn in my 15A IEC power cords?

What do you use?


If you want to break it in, why not just play music.  Seems to take awhile even if I  am just plugging and unplugging interconnects, cords, speaker cables it takes awhile for everything to get back to the same sound but it's not that dramatic.

Speakers ok … tubes for sure … capacitors perhaps … but cords? Is there any evidence backing “cord break in”? 


“This is why people think audiophiles are nuts.”

Exactly!  I only looked at this thread to read the ridiculous ideas that would be posted.  It did not disappoint.

And yet no one does more "burn in" than the wags on this forum who endlessly post rebuttals and fulminations about the follies of burn-in. I fear their "dynamics" will suffer irreparably if they cannot get their weekly burn-in.

@ddrave44 I have been wondering for a long time if something like this existed!

Thanks for the link!