What used speakers raraely come up for sale

Lets keep it under $7,000 used, but interested to hear what used speakers rarely get listed for sale because they are so sought after and if they do appear they get snapped up very quickly?  Cheers
Spout I will jump into Diapason Adamantes if I don’t have them, Omega Super Alnico High Output....
I could add the Lawrence audio Violins,should be below your price point used.I’ve never heard them but have spoken to about a dozen people that have including the 4 dealers in America.

I have no desire to buy any monitors,I already own their Double Bass speakers but I would like to have a Listen and a look at them.

Beveridge 2SW-1 with the pair of original sub's! Rarely seen (or heard!). A great near-forgotten system! Direct-drive electrostatics - all you need is a preamp and source.
Lirpa Labs Liberty Freedom 1776 A-FY tower speakers are as rare as hen's teeth.