What vintage speaker might you use today

Like to find out what "vintage speakers" members would/might use in their current audio set-up

Do you think what made them special was the synergy between them and the amp used, or just the fact they were well designed and performed way above their price tag.??
JBL L212. Ground breaking speaker for JBL. Sorry I sold mine now.

Next up would be the JBL Paragon. Amazing piece of engineering and woodwork. Like owning the first REAL Eames lounge chair.
Sunnyjim---To be aware of the "pre-AMT tweeter and Dr. Heil" era ESS, you are either as old as I or a Hi-Fi historian (or both)! I happen to have such a pair of loudspeakers, the ESS Trans-Static I's. I found them in L.A.'s The Recycler paper in the mid-80's for $400 ($1200/pr retail when new), in good working order except for one woofer being a cheap imitation of the original Kef B139. I called ESS and was told they had one remaining B139 in stock!

The Trans-Static was a pretty advanced loudspeaker when it was introduced (1970, I believe), having three RTR ESL tweeters operated open baffle/dipole, a Kef B110 5" midrange driver loaded into a short (15", the depth of the enclosure) transmission line, and the B139 woofer (which Dave Wilson used in pairs in his WAMM loudspeaker later in the decade) with a long folded-transmission line behind it. X/O frequencies were 275Hz and 1500Hz (designed by a young John Ulrick, cofounder of Infinity Systems, and now owner/designer of Spectron Audio), and each speaker weighed a substantial 139 lbs. They still sound pretty good!
SunnyJim.....I heard the Infinity Servo Static 1A (not the original), and I must say they were overwhelming!!!! I think only 3 set's were sold (only joking) but the one's I heard were owned by the late great Jim Foley. Unfortunately they were unreliable and the "3" sold that I said above was not that far off. Truly a great speaker (with the correct equipment to back them up).
Big Bozak, Tannoy, Altec VOTT. KLH 9s my father owned. Quad 57. It was great being a kid at our house...so much music and well over a thousand records to choose from.
Apogee and Quad. If I had more space I would DEFINITELY use one of these two for a 2nd system but probably NOT for an only system.