What was the best (most impactful) piece of new equipment to hit the market in 2023?

A challenge for any firm producing equipment is to come up with a "new version" to keep the sales pipeline moving.   But many times these are just marketing hype.   So what have you seen that is truly an improvement?


@deep_333 BACCH has been around for awhile but u- BACCH was introduced this year. I purchased it at the introductory price.

@scottwheel thanks for the update. Head tracking for two listeners would be great especially if it would work with Windows.

+1. I think it hit the market a couple years ago but hit my system in 2023 ….. Grimm MU1. 

The Primaluna Evo 100 phono is the most important upgrade I've made to my system in a long time and by far the best phono preamp I've owned, tube or solid state. It is the only one I've heard that does not sound harsh with massed strings. The way it portrays instrument position in the soundstage and natural timbre and realism, while sounding hugely dynamic and fast, is unmatched in my experience. I could go on and on, but I will say that it's all tube design is now a requirement for a phono preamp for me. And this is with the stock tubes. I would put it up against $20K+ competition.