What was the craziest location that you made an audio purchase from?

I thought that this might be a fun topic.


I just purchased speaker cables on Audiogon while on a cruise ship in the Canary Islands How about you?


About 15 years ago I sold a tone arm to a guy and we made the exchange on an I84 off ramp in NY. Probably looked like a drug deal going down.

It wasn’t a purchase,but I placed a bid on a First Watt M2 while waiting in the on deck circle for an angiogram. 

Sea-Tac Airport- Sub-POP outlet store.


Who knew you could buy records at the airport?

A Manley Labs Chinook phono preamp for half price from Turkey.  It was only 3 months old.  I had to solder the power supply to USA standards of 110-120V (60 Hz).  When I wrote Manley asking for schematics EvaAnna sent them right over and told me how old it was and that it was still covered under warranty even though it was a used unit.  My kinda company!

My neighbour next street sold me my Sansui AU 7700 amplifier a low price after i look for one a month without results  everywhere on the net... 😊