What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?

I have bought six or seven different power cords, none over $500 and have noticed little or no change in the sound of my system. All the cables are 12 gauge or bigger.  Without talking about cables made with unobtainium, where did you start hear a difference.



"If you heard any difference between a standard 12AWG power cable and a $500 Audio-Woo-Woo cable, it was confirmation bias or just delusion."

- Well, that clears it up, never heard that point of view before 🙄

+1 dill...I prefer delusion, as confirmation bias, even if correctly used, goes both ways...though I did buy the Woo Hoo not the Woo Woo

Unfortunately never actually, maybe I thought so initially, but I was skeptical of the placebo effect. I’ve owned Nordost, Pangea, Shunyata, Wireworld. I am currently running aftermarket Cullen cables. They are very well-made, reasonably priced, but I’m not sure if they make an actual sonic difference in my system.