What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?

Not how much you paid, though we could post this too.

My most expensive record is Japanese pro first pressing of Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. It sounds better than any other pressing, though I don't have US test pressing, which might sound better still. I paid, I think, $170 for it including shipping from Japan.


I paid $110 for this Japanese, Steely Dan compilation.

It was in much worse condition than I was expecting.

Like the cover art and the obie, but the scratches and popsake this purchase quite meh for me.

Steely Dan Japanese Compilation


None of the records that I bought on ebay from Japan were over graded, though I mostly bought from three or four particular people. Often the condition was better than promised and the records had been cleaned.

I have to cheat a bit and say $450 for the 250th Anniversary CD box set of the complete recordings of Beethoven on the D.G. lable.  

@mikelavigne I have a sneaking suspicion that eventually, Chad at Acoustic Sounds will get the rights from Jimmy to reissue the Classic 45's of Zep. 

After buying Classic Records, Chad probably has all the Classic master tapes.