What was the most impactful addition to your system?

Even in a setting absent resource constraints, the bug to “upgrade” is limited by space, power plugs, connectors, WAF, etc. Therefore, most of us must prioritize our additions or upgrades in our systems. I’m frequently seeking opinions on what chnage had the greatest impact to your system. For me as a gray-haired audiophile, it was the addition of a pair of subwoofers - even with a high end system. I am not dismissing the audible improvements from high end cables, pc’s, cartridges, sound treatments, speakers, TT, room placements, etc. But my auditory peyote moment came with the subs. Wish I’d known decades ago 😊


For me it was getting the room right. Asking someone who actually knew what they were doing (in my case an aquaintance who worked in the industy) with placement and treatment.

My room is basically a square, so its not "supposed" to be good acoustically, but putting time into the room and speaker placement can make an astounding difference in sound quality (as I learned).

My room is a square too, and one of my speaker is in a corner...

Thanks to acoustic basic  my S.Q. is anyway marvellous...


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After years of searching and buying over and over, I hate to wear this out but....the Raven Nighthawk opened my ears to the possibilities of really going into the music in a way I'd never imagined short of the mega systems we've all experienced at special venues. It's cost was reasonable as a next leap from the common "super" receivers and typical "MacIntosh" proprietary sound signature. Bells and whistles it lacks but sound? It provides the experience I'd been dreaming of. Hyperbole? Not from this seat.