What was your first record?

The first record I ever owned: ‘At the Hop’ by Danny and the Juniors ( just listened to it, and it made me get up and dance!)

The first record I ever bought myself: ‘Meet the Beatles’



Songs of Leonard Cohen. In 1968 I found the album in a record store. I “hid” in among the classical albums til I could return the next day with money. I think it was $3.99. At the time I had a turntable but had not finished building my Heathkit receiver or my coax speakers, cabinets covered with walnut contact paper. 

T-Rex, Electric Warrior. First week it was available. Think I paid something like $1.29 or $1.99 at Kresge’s 5&10 in St. Pete, FL. Got it for a party. Still have it.

🤔🙄😬🤦‍♂️...there may have been a couple of 45's...I remember a Spencer Davis Group one, but it hasn't made the journey to now....

First LP.....jazz guitar with Gabor Szabo (Spellbinder, '66)....later, The Pentangles'

double album Sweet Child '68....

Had burnt out on AM top 10 stuff, got into jazz and... I guess you'd call it 'progressive folk' in the early HS era (error? *L*).

Couldn't take the Beatles seriously until the White album.... Hell, I'd even picked up the Blue Cheer lp prior to.....

....just another tale of tail and wasted youth sin-drum.....🙄

The Sixties were great...what I remember of it...😏

...then I begin to space back to some of the 'other' that accompanied all that.......and find this appropo for a segway....