What was your first record?

The first record I ever owned: ‘At the Hop’ by Danny and the Juniors ( just listened to it, and it made me get up and dance!)

The first record I ever bought myself: ‘Meet the Beatles’



" If you're ashamed of that album, I guess I need to kill myself for my first purchase."

That seems a tad extreme.

I hope you change your mind.

Cat Stevens, my favorite movie from the time, Harold & Maude wouldn't be the same without his soundtrack. I used to date quite a lot. I'd take them all to the midnight showing of H&M that played in Redondo beach. If they didn't like the film or the music, there wouldn't be a second date.

Pink Floyd "Meddle"

I was 12 or 13 (about 1972)

Played it on my Symphonic all in 1 system?

(receiver-8 track-turntable)

Thought I was in heaven😇

Introducing The Beatles on Vee Jay Records.

Saved my allowance a whole month...