What was your first record?

The first record I ever owned: ‘At the Hop’ by Danny and the Juniors ( just listened to it, and it made me get up and dance!)

The first record I ever bought myself: ‘Meet the Beatles’



My first album was actually three all at once. Got them as a 12th birthday present (August, 1970):

1. Grateful Dead, Workingman's Dead

2. Soundtrack from Woodstock

3. Jimi Hendrix, Band of Gypsies

When I was 13, ('68) the local corner store had a spinning record rack that held 20 LPs.  I bought the original cast release of HAIR.  It was the album cover that attracted me.  Showed it my mother when I got home and she made me take it back.  I can still hear her saying "I won't have that filth in this house".  Traded it at the store for some band I didn't know.  LP called My Generation.  Thanks mom.  Just celebrated her 98th birthday on Tues.  Hope I die before I get old. 🤣