what was your wedding song?

i was just listening to an old dusty sspringfield lp and well old dogs don't lie. "the look of love " was my second wedding song. the first buddy holly's "true love ways" shumtz maybe . i don't think so.
Miserlou by Dick Dale and the Deltones. Pulp Fiction was the first movie we attended together.
Hit "submit as is" too quickly. Miserlou is based on a Lebanese wedding song that Dick Dale's uncle, a Lebanese-American, would play. There are variations of the same song in Egyptian, Greek and Sephardic-Jewish traditions (none of which we are), so it was less odd than it seemed -- although we all had visions of Vincent Vega, Marcellus Wallace and maybe The Gymp in mind.

Neither my wife nor I are Lebanese
"You go your way I go mine" by Bobby Zimmerman.

Wait, that was what was playing during Larry King's wedding.