What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?

I am older so my radio stations of influence were in their prime during the British invasion and many, many American singers and groups.  
The stations I listen to the most were WLS out of Chicago, KIOA out of Des Moines, KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas and KOMA  out of Oklahama.  When I was in the Air Froce I had a few stations near the main base I was stationed at outside of Rapid City, S.D.  
Of course systems and better and better systems and FM became the dominate source for broadcast/online music.  I did learn much of what I liked and eventually purchased through early radio listening.
I still listen to radio mainly for Jazz stations and NPR news. 

WLYV Fort Wayne In late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Also WOWO in Fort Wayne.  Also, as others mentioned, listened to  CKLW in Windsor Canada at times. I thought it was cool to listen to a station from Canada at the time.
I grew up in Florida, so I used to surf the late night airwaves of pirate radio hundreds of miles away. Don't remember any of the call letters.
WDVE Pittsburgh (early 1970s) — Dad rock
WRTI Philadelphia/Temple University (late 1970s) — Jazz
WBCN Boston (early 1980s) — rock and many surprises
WPAQ Mt. Airy, NC  (1990s) — old-time stringband + bluegrass

Glad to see quite a few members influenced by Chicago radio stations.  In the early and mid 70s, a time brokered station in Chicago, WXFM, had a show on Monday through Friday, 8 PM to midnight, called Triad Radio.  The music was way beyond the rock and pop of the early 70s.  I got my first taste of The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, Can, Kraftwerk, Babe Ruth, IF, Aphrodites Child, PFM, Heartsfield, Faust, Magma and so much more.  Each month a "schedule" was published showing some of what would be played each day.  The schedule was called the Triad Radio Guide and it was available at sponsors of Triad Radio.  I still have a few copies of the Triad Guide and they are pushing almost 50 years old.  It's fun to look at them every now and then.  My musical appreciation and tastes were certainly shaped by Triad.

Someone asked about Terri Hemmert from WXRT in Chicago.  She retired after 40+ years at the station.  "Aunt Terri" does fill in work once in a while.  WXRT had one of the most loyal followings in radio and the jocks built 25+ year careers at WXRT.  It is still a great rock station.
When I was very young it was WCFL AM Chicago I could pull it in on a tube radio from Chicago about 200 miles South--clear as a bell.
                                                 WLS AM Chicago
Teenage years:
WIXX album rock, no commercials--Green Bay WI
WAPL album rock, no commercials--Appleton WI