What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?

I am older so my radio stations of influence were in their prime during the British invasion and many, many American singers and groups.  
The stations I listen to the most were WLS out of Chicago, KIOA out of Des Moines, KAAY out of Little Rock, Arkansas and KOMA  out of Oklahama.  When I was in the Air Froce I had a few stations near the main base I was stationed at outside of Rapid City, S.D.  
Of course systems and better and better systems and FM became the dominate source for broadcast/online music.  I did learn much of what I liked and eventually purchased through early radio listening.
I still listen to radio mainly for Jazz stations and NPR news. 

Are you kidding? James Gabbert, K101, 100,000 watts in 1970 stereo extravaganza. His radio broadcasts on Friday nights were entirely for audiophiles like us, the best engineered recordings, trains coming through your listening stage, incredible, so so memorable!!
Tidewater Virginia area early to late 70s -
WGH FM classical
WOWI FM Progressive rock
WNOR FM More crunch, less nuance to their rock
WMYK FM A mixture of WOWI & WNOR that
replaced the former when it changed formats.
Cleveland Ohio early 80s
WMMS-FM The only game in town
WUSF FM, Tampa FL.  
Spent my teen years in St. Pete, where one of my favorite things was listening to “the Underground Railroad” Saturday night at midnight.

In stereo. The show opened with the sound of a steam train chuff-chuffing from left to right in my headphones and the DJ would announce 📣 you’re listening to the Underground Railroad and, being FM, would play entire albums, ten minute songs, long jams like nothing you’d hear outside of a record store.

I first heard John Mayall, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, Savoy Brown’s Hellbound Train, The True Story of the SS Titanic by Jamie someone or another, 

” it was midnight on the sea the band was playing nearer my God to thee, fare thee well Titanic fare thee well, they wouldn’t take Jack Johnson on board they said this ship don’t haul no coal, fare thee well Titanic, fare the well.”

Broad-based musical tastes were reinforced by my brother’s collection of things like Tangerine Dream, Moody Blues, Rolling Stones, Genesis, ELP, and more, also heard on WUSF.

The college used to hold Sat night festivals on the riverfront at its Tampa campus which were fun.

good times.  Thanks for asking the question.
Seattle in the 1960's Top40 era had two great radio stations.
KJR-950 and KOL-1300 had wonderful personalities that featured great rock&roll music.

You will never experience that magic time again. 
Up until the time I was 14 (which was in 1970), it was KILT AM (610) in Houston. They played all the pop/rock. 

After I discovered FM, it was KLOL (101.1) in Houston. There was a disc jockey in the evenings named Crash, with a deep laid-back voice, who introduced me to lots of bands I'd have never discovered otherwise.

In the mid-to-late 70's I was in the Air Force, stationed in Austin, and my radio was tuned to KLBJ (93.7) which played a great mix of all genres.