What will drive the Vandersteen 1 C?

I would like to buy an amp for my Vandersteen 1Cs, I am trying to decide between the following amps. NAD 352, Jolida 1501-RC, Rotel RA-1062 or the AMC 2100 amp along with the AMC 1100-5404 pre-amp. Any suggestions would be helpful, I am not necessarily married to the above choices.
Any of these will do just fine. The new Jungson 88-C is another good solid state option.

Many people prefer Vandy's with tube sources. The Jolida 1501-RC combination sounds very good, this is a hydrid tube-solid state design. You also might want to listen to some of the Jolida true tube integrated amps which used are very inexpensive.
I am running a B&K Reference 4420 at 225 per channel on my 2CE Sigs. I had a B&K ST140 which also sounded good at 105 watts per channel. The ST140 used for the 1C at around $2-300 might be a good fit. It is warm, detailed and not bright...
audible illusion 2d or 3or 3a preamp
bat 3vki ( awesome pre- can be had for low as $750)

pse studio v monoblocks ( killer match)
pse studio iv stereo
muse stereo amp
quicksilver kt-88 ( killer match)