What would you choose for about $1k, ZU DW, SVS Ultra bookshelf or Tekton Lore?

I need your help upgrading from my first system (NAD with B&W 602’) to my next system, that I hope will last me for the next 10 years. My budget for speakers is just over $1200. I have narrowed it down to either the SVS Ultra bookshelf, the Tekton Lore or Zu’ upcoming DW Omen special ( should I include Magnipan .7’?) -which of these three-four would you select and why? I am running a Schiit Vidar with Schiit Saga preamp. I love all kinds of music, my music room is about 12 feet by 24 by 12 feet. My main mission is for high quality stereo sound at a reasonable price -that will be a good improvement on my current B&W 602 setup. Thank you! 
I do have a pair of Elac b6’ in my Dolby 5.1 setup. Although good, I don’t find them to be a great improvement over my old B&W 602’. 
Yes the limitation is rather artificial. I am open to other suggestions and will research these. My difficulty is that a. I have a limited time to pull the trigger (or not) on the Zu DW sale ending next month and b. I have to purchase without actually being able to first audition. My research has led me to the aforementioned 3/4 options.
I owned a pair of Zu Union's, a precursor of the Omen's.
Overall, I was very pleased and I would think the Dirty Weekend's should be even better.
I bought them as a way to see how a full range driver compared to multi driver speaker. In the end, though they were close, the Vandersteen's bested them in reproducing subtlties-probably the time and phase sync.
I still own a pair of Zu Omen Bookshelf speakers for my office. They are nice, but I think I want to try a pair of Vadersteen VLR's.
So, to sum up a rambling post-
If you want something for right now, then go for the Zu.
If you want something that will stand up to future upgrades, I would look at other manufacturers. Not that the Zu are bad, but I think that if you start auditioning speakers, you will soon find out there are some very, very good ones out there within your budget.
According to the Vandy website, these are the guys to contact in Canada
The Zu speakers offer a trial, though it is only for a few weeks, I think.
It took my Omen Bookshelves a month before they opened up.
I would call/email Gerrit and explain you situation. I bet he can offer you some good information.
I’ve owned Zu Omen, Omen Bookshelf and Soul Superfly. Once I heard a pair of Tekton Lores I regretted buying the Omens. With that said I liked the Zu build quality and looks more. I’d be looking at Totem Hawks in your price range, they can be great speakers with proper gear pairing and placement.