What would you do?

I am seeking opinion on adding a single tube component in an all Solid State system. If you’ve made this transition, which one of these components gave you the best results for that warm, rich and harmonically diverse tone tubes or valves are known for, 

1) DAC

2) Preamp

3) Amp

The speakers are Tannoy’s Canterbury (96dB) paired with Accuphase E-650. I really love my current system and there is nothing lacking as E-650 offers a very sublime listening experience.  The source is Aurender N30SA and upcoming tw-acustic GT2 turntable with Reed 3P arm. 

So then, why seek out a different experience. Well, beyond the obvious distinctive sound of valves, I kinda miss tube rolling and pursuit of exotic tubes. 

Happy Holidays! 


Given the request, replacing one of the 3 SS devices, I with those that recommend a tube preamp to start.  A tube amplifier may follow. 

I started that way and now have both a tube and a SS amp (in rotation)  in one system, and a tube/SS integrated in another one.

I also agree a tubed preamp and a good one can be a system changing thing.

I put a Backert Labs Rhythm 1.3 preamp in my system and was amazed at the difference it made in my bass. Much tighter. I am using a solid state McIntosh MC-462 amp.

Thank you all for your feedback. I am considering auditioning SW1X PRE IV Line Pre-Amplifier in my system.