what would you do?

What would you do if you bought a amp from supposedly reputable dealer and found out a year and a half later it wasnt the amp you bought at all but one of a totally different serial number and ? Wouldnt you think the dealer would know sometimes in that time period they sold the wrong amp to you? I the consumer am only buying one item if he has several amps similar he logs them by serial number therefore he knew he sold the wrong amp but said nothing, how is that even legal? it's a sad day when you cant trust the dealers on audiogon.
What 52tiger should have done has been made very clear at this point. What I suggest you do now is talk to Kevin Deal and not one of his employees if you have not done so already. If Kevin told you that it was too late to do anything about it I would call Cary and see if there is anything they can do about it.

The amp should still be under warranty if you bought it new. If you registered it with Cary I assume the warranty card would have the serial number on it and it would not match the serial number on your receipt. If they are both dated within 90 days of one another, I think Cary would want to straighten the matter out.

If neither Kevin nor Cary are interested then you have to take the hit and learn from it. I doubt the police want to get involved.
Usually the over-active moderators stop even legitimate activity.

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This guy posted the same thread to several forums. Shame on him.

As the owner of Upscale Audio, I spoke to this fellow yesterday. Let me make a few points:

A: He bought it over a year and a half ago. He needed to contact us in a reasonable time.

B: The unit serial number he has I have no record of owning, buying, shipping, whatever. Having said that, maybe we screwed the pooch and made a mistake.

C: The unit he bought and paid for had damage, having a dented transformer cover. It was discounted and priced as a damaged unit. It evens said that on our used listing which is copied directly onto his invoice. He fails to tell you this. What he received is mint. He conveniently leaves this out.

D: Check the Audiogon bluebook, and the V12 and V12i are not even listed seperate. They retail the same and share the same listing on the bluebook value. Why? They have the same topology. The V12i used a front end tube with less gain, making it harder to drive. This was changed back when the V12i became the V12R.

We have thrived over these last 17 years and enjoy a pretty good reputation. We're the largest tube dealer in the nation. We stock ten times more gear than most dealers. But when you deal with tens of thousands of customers, you will for sure either make mistakes or deal with the unreasonable.

Best to all of you

Kevin Deal
I buy and sell quite often on ebay and you should always use a credit card tied to paypal. You could have gotten a full refund. In fact, ebay sides up way too much with the buyer. A few years ago I paid for a full set of Walking Liberty half dollars and received 2 full sets 1200 per set by accident. I called the dealer and asked them to pay the shipping cost for the return of the 2nd set. A few days after I returned the 2nd set, the dealer sent me a thank you letter and a check for 500.00