What would you say is THE MOST important factor to good imaging?

Experience has taught me that hardware is critical, but of course so are the room/treatments, the speakers themselves,and the recording's engineering/mastering quality.

But I would have to say that the biggest influence is the room, with speakers and mastering a close second...

What do you say?

ozzy62, what's your problem? I'm entitled to doubt claims that seem incredulous. He mentions the Legacy Valor speakers I first commented about, then says he has accomplished, "I've accomplished basically the same for +/- 2% of their price."  

Now, let's look at that claim, which, if it pertains to holistic sound, means he claims he is getting the same sound from about +/- $1,600 investment. Does he mean the DAC, processor, preamp all included, because that would necessarily be the need in order to substantiate such a claim, as the Legacy Wavelet combines all these. This also, imo, would be a nonsensical claim. 

Does he mean he thinks he is getting the speakers to sound like the Valor? Does he think he's going to get sound quality anywhere near it if he uses +/- $1,600 on gear? 

So, yeah, I want clarification. I pointed out that he may be discussing merely one parameter, that is, center imaging. Frankly, with his speakers shown he is not getting anything remotely like the Valor in terms of imaging. I know that because I own omni speakers and am familiar with the dispersion pattern. 

I never knew good imaging in my room until DIY room treatments - first reflection points and bass traps on the front wall.  Instant huge improvement, even with my very modest system.  Are treatments the biggest influence?  In my experience maybe.  But of course everything matters.  I agree that the recording has a great deal to do with it. A flat/dead recording will probably never image well.  Also, I still enjoy listening to occasional metal but I never really get good imaging as with other genres.
catdoorman  seems to imply that mono recordings don’t image well or not at all.  I believe that is not true.  Sure they don’t throw instruments from side to side across the stage, but most of my mono recordings, especially vintage recordings present a big, rock solid believable image that I find very satisfying.  Julie London sounds like she is in the room.  In fact, my most expensive cartridge is mono to service a large mono collection.  Anyone else like this?
best speaker position for start, synergy with power amp follows, when everything is optimised including cabling for signal & power things will be more in focus. If you want to dig further any decent room tratment will make them dissapear.