What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.

What would your perfect speaker sound like. Not interested in the brand, or the a speaker you heard at a friends house or audio show This is a thought experiment. Simply conjur up the most divine sound in you mind and tell us what you are conjuring. 

Please be brief, 


I have owned this particular pair of Lascalas for over 20 years, and after my extensive damping of the " entire " design, everything stock , and the non popular AL crossovers ( built for a short time, but my favorite of them all ), I get out of them, whatever I feed them. Given my room, listening chair distance, and " my desired " sound characteristics, they work well, and produce a very enjoyable, intimate, truthful, ear opening, powerful, emotionally engaging, listening experience, all the while knowing, I am listening to recordings. Gummies help, too. Enjoy ! MrD.

"The highest rated loudspeaker is the least flawed, not the most virtuous." - Floyd Toole

@jasonbourne71 ....*L*  It'd be unlikely you'd want to hold it for very long, but I get your drift... ;) 

Mho, I think a direct neural input will beat yours to the marketplace, but we'd could place our bets as to which one will surface....🤷‍♂️

The big rabbit from the hat trick will be to stay alive long enough to find out the answer....😏




"Gentlemen, place your bets....bitcoin not accepted, no...."


Alas, I'll pass.....it'd probably play hell with my TAVR valve, the pacemaker/defib onboard already...

....and whatever else I get Borg'd with....😖

Resistance isn't futile when inevitability beckons....

( Is it just me?  Why does DJT's smugshot remind me of the AntiChrist? ) 😎