What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.

What would your perfect speaker sound like. Not interested in the brand, or the a speaker you heard at a friends house or audio show This is a thought experiment. Simply conjur up the most divine sound in you mind and tell us what you are conjuring. 

Please be brief, 


"The highest rated loudspeaker is the least flawed, not the most virtuous." - Floyd Toole

@jasonbourne71 ....*L*  It'd be unlikely you'd want to hold it for very long, but I get your drift... ;) 

Mho, I think a direct neural input will beat yours to the marketplace, but we'd could place our bets as to which one will surface....🤷‍♂️

The big rabbit from the hat trick will be to stay alive long enough to find out the answer....😏




"Gentlemen, place your bets....bitcoin not accepted, no...."


Alas, I'll pass.....it'd probably play hell with my TAVR valve, the pacemaker/defib onboard already...

....and whatever else I get Borg'd with....😖

Resistance isn't futile when inevitability beckons....

( Is it just me?  Why does DJT's smugshot remind me of the AntiChrist? ) 😎

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