What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.

What would your perfect speaker sound like. Not interested in the brand, or the a speaker you heard at a friends house or audio show This is a thought experiment. Simply conjur up the most divine sound in you mind and tell us what you are conjuring. 

Please be brief, 



That is pretty damn good. I have always leaned on songs that sound really good in my system, just close my eyes and. enjoy. 

OP What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.

I want my speaker sounds like the original music. I am getting close.

Romanza andaluza, Op. 22, No. (Itzhak Perlman)

My audio system live recording


Prelude To A Kiss -- Ella Fitzgerald

My audio live recording


If the original music (cleanest) sounds veiled and fuzzy, your ears are unnatural hearing mode. To make your ears to normal natural sound mode, listen to the original music for 1-2 minutes ("equalize your ears to make ears to pop to make it faster) until the orig music sounds clean.

General public (non-audiophiles) ears are always in natural hearing mode. So, they hear all hi-fi audio sound veiled and fuzzy. Therefore, wives don't like hi-fi audio sounds. All audio systems (except my WT system) in the world sound unnatural. Alex/Wavetouch

The perfect loudspeaker is no loudspeaker.  Go listen to live music.


Even better, go record live music and then listen at home.  How close to the original experience is your playback?  Everything else is BS.

Speakers that would sound as good at 10-15 feet as my Rogers LS3/5a’s sound at 3 feet.


LS3 5As have no bass below 80 Hz at 3 feet or any feet for that matter. Get a pair of KEF K92 subwoofers and a MiniDSP SHD Studio with two Benchmark DACs. This will make you a 90% system (better than 90% of the systems out there).