What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.

What would your perfect speaker sound like. Not interested in the brand, or the a speaker you heard at a friends house or audio show This is a thought experiment. Simply conjur up the most divine sound in you mind and tell us what you are conjuring. 

Please be brief, 



"full range" is it a dream a fantasy or both. 

The problem I see with "full range" speakers is the room. Do you have a full range room? I have played music with very accurate and tight bass in my sound room and the music sounds great. Put another song on that is fat and the whole room vibrates and sounds bad. 

Speakers do not have to be full range to make me happy. They have to be engaging and organic sounding, easy to drive with wonderful uplifting midrange. (don't get me started on "soaring hi's" 

It seems my idea to use a 4 inches woofer but with an elaborate porthole design labyrinth in my case outside the speakers , in the case of the Oggy speakers inside , is not an odd experiment but a perfectly controlled way to use the speakers as a refined resonator ...

Anyway i had this idea when i studied Helmholtz resonators for my room ...And when loosing my house and room i did not have the choice of speakers only my small active one i disliked for 12 years before modifying them ..

My redesigned active 2 way speakers sound so good now , i dont think listening to Huff review of the oggy than mine sound way less refined and way less good ... Anyway i paid my active speakers 100 bucks 12 years ago and they are not pointwise singular driver as the Oggy or my Tannoy but two-way...My soundfield is astounding as is my bass ...Not shaking the room but clear and not boomy and i dont need subs ...

Acoustics knowledge  rule the gear not the reverse ....